The Need for Wangle Family Insites

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The internet has been revolutionary in it’s ability to give children and adults immediate access to a vast array of information. It has forged ahead as the leading source of education, entertainment and social connection, further enhanced by the rapid development of smart phones, tablets and increasingly faster networks that give people access to everything, anywhere, at any time.

For children and young people, they haven’t experienced a world without the internet. They consume their daily screen time hungrily as they explore the wonders available to them.

However, not everything that happens online is healthy for our youth, with a range of behaviours and outright threats emerging alongside the benefits. Gaming addiction, cyber bullying, sexting, access to inappropriate websites, and the growing threat of predators increasingly concern parents as their children navigate a technical world that is often far more complex than their parents are aware of.

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The first generation of child protection software

The emerging threats from the internet have led to the development of online child protection software products which attempt to address the main issues.

Blocking software emerged first, allowing parents to restrict a range of websites such as those with R and X rated content. Parents felt better thinking they had successfully restricted access. However this sense of security only hid the reality of the situation, with research showing young people still able to access such content in a range of other ways without their parents knowledge.

Next came Spyware, software that allowed parents to monitor all of the activities of their children. With this software parents could read emails, individual social posts, review posted photos and more. Every step of their children’s online existence could be watched. Or so they thought. Children fought back, distrusting their parents, creating hidden social media accounts, or even breaking the spyware itself.

Researchers into childhood development felt uncomfortable with these approaches, with methods that either hid the greater threats from parents, or eroded the parent-child trust required to help families safely navigate the internet.

A new approach - Wangle Family Insites

Wangle Technologies, in collaboration with leading children’s medical researchers Telethon Kids Institute, came up with a new approach to the challenge. Wangle had already developed a best in class secure and accelerated mobile VPN network which had the ability to analyse network data in real time. By marrying Telethon Kids Institute’s years of research into online childhood behaviour with the enormous flow of internet and GPS data passing through our network, Wangle Family Insites was designed to analyse children’s online activity in real time to look for emerging threats.

This approach could enable real time alerts to parents with details of identified issues, and offered the opportunity for parents to consider and react to emerging threats earlier in the process. But parents had a further issue to contend with - what were they supposed to do once a threat had been identified?

The team at Wangle worked closely with Telethon Kids Institute and other experts in the field to collate and curate detailed information from researchers, government advisory bodies and educators. We then explored the ecosystem for relevant resources, tools and services, so that parents had much more detail on what threats might mean, what their approaches might involve, and who to turn to for help when they needed it.

And so Wangle Family Insites was born.

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Live network monitoring whilst keeping children’s privacy intact

Real time alerts for parents and carers

Detailed educational content to help address threats that are identified

A whole family approach to helping children learn to safely navigate the internet

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