Frequently Asked Questions

The Wangle Family Insites App is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices

It requires iOS 9.3 or higher, running on an iPhone5 or later for the app to function

For Android it requires versions 7+ across both tablets and phones

Wangle Family Insites is not supported by Windows or Mac computers at this stage

The Wangle Family Insites web portal is supported via browser on Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and iE10+




Required to receive notifications of potential threats.


Required to track location of the device for GPS Tracking features.

Motion and Fitness Activity

Required to track location of the device for GPS Tracking features.


Required to prevent removal of application.


Required to monitor contacts while under Supervision Mode.

VPN Profile

Required to create the VPN profile and enable connection to VPN.

1. Sign into your account via your laptop or desktop computer

2. You will land on the users and devices tab

3. Find yourself as admin on the page and click the pencil symbol

4. At the bottom of the page, you can now enter a new password

You can access the portal, and manage accounts via your desktop by visiting - Unfortunately the App software is not available on Linux, MacOS or Windows platforms at this stage.

To uninstall an application, you will need to disable restrictions

To enable this, open your phone's settings > General > Restrictions > Enter the passcode > Switch on deleting apps

To disable the device from monitoring, you will need to change to PARENTAL MODE.


Open Wangle Family Insites application



Under Supervision Configuration, enable Parental Mode (No Supervision)

Click Save Changes.

This will disconnect the VPN and stop monitoring on that device.

Please log in to your Family Portal to ensure your account is active and your subscription live. If you continue to experience difficulties please contact our support team and we will guide you through to the solution.

Definitely. We have created and rigorously tested our service to ensure it works across all Australian mobile carriers and remains in place even if family members log onto another carrier or WiFi network; Ensuring they are covered whatever service they use.

Yes you will. All social activity from the device is monitored. We have alerts when new apps are downloaded and you can follow social media usage regardless of accounts. We suggest talking to your family about the support you can give, empowering them to make the right choices.

We have worked closely with a number of organisations, researchers and experts to collate and prepare the best content for families, including our research partner Telethon Kids Institute.

No, Wangle Family Insites and Wangle VPN have similar architecture and cannot be used together.

Absolutely! One subscription covers up to 20 supported mobile devices. As long as you have downloaded and activated it on each device you are covered.

This feature provides parents with control of the times their child can access the Internet. While Wangle Family Insites recommends monitoring and ongoing conversations to manage Internet usage by children this feature will allow parents to block access to the Internet during specific times of the day or evening. For example: during meal times, after school/weekends and when the child should be sleeping. Child development experts recommend limiting children’s daily screen time. This is because real-life interactions with you and others are much better for a child’s wellbeing, learning and development.